25 Year of experience on Import & Export,
International Trade, Merchandising and Distribution.

We offer innovative services for export, logistics, distribution and e-commerce as well as supply chain processes in Mexico, USA and Latin America.
FEBA group started operations in 2019 with the dream of integrating the strengths and individual successes of the creative partners faced with the need of an autonomous, professional development with the purpose of providing expansion and performance to both micro and macro businesses, value added that differentiates and identifies us as a young entrepreneurship with great experience in business.

We built strong relationships and generate great opportunities

01. What we believe in

Our business is compromised with the creation of connections and strong relationships that allow development and growth of new and well positioned brands. With the objective to position, commercialize and expand your products with responsibility, honesty and passion, improving quality and service, while at the same time generating opportunity of national and international success.

02. Our path

Be a leading business, sustainable and upholding at a national and worldwide level. Generating trust as architects of loyalty towards our suppliers and clients, maximizing the profit and resources available, utilizing technology and network innovation in the global commercialization of products.

03. We bet on
  • Honesty
  • Compromise
  • Integrity
  • Transparency and open culture
  • Accessibility to change
  • Social responsibility
  • Passion for serving with quality

We guarantee continuous upgrade in
all our operations.

We work to maintain and develop teams of high endurance in and outside the business, evaluating the operational control of the logistic systems day after day. Additionally, our process in the operations is transparent, coordinated, broad and linked to the informative technologies. This is translated in a broad network of supplies that is currently in a state of growth and with a conscience for integrating, increasingly, Eco sustainable methods.

Our services






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